EnglishTime conversation classes for students

Speak English NOW. If you want to speak English well, you must USE IT. Speak English, work on it, get better, succeed. If you need practice, I am here for you. The more you work on your English, the easier it gets to be perfect - to sound perfect, to let you speak your mind easily and become a competent user. My conversation class course is only 20 hours long. Let's make the most of it and let's make it work for you.

What you get EVERY SIXTY MINUTES: All teaching is done in a university-like conversation class. Workshops like these are compulsory for university-level students of English.
In my one-to-one classes each student is given a set of subjects we are going to discuss during our next class.
Students can think of their answers while getting ready for their class or just join me and go through all the things on the fly.
If necessary - the last 5 minutes are used as a short grammar feedback time.



PayPal (mms2000) payments or direct bank transfers are accepted.
Each 60-minute class is only 20 Euro.
There are no long-term commitments.
Single lesson purchases available.
No initial payment.
CONTACT ME and sign up at: box2903@gmail.com

About me

My name is Andrzej 'Andrew' Michalski. I am an ESL teacher from Poland.

I have been a teacher of English for nearly 20 years. I have mostly focused on publishing grammar exercises for university and high-school students from Poland. My 'Smart Kids' is an activity book for children and it is available on Amazon. I love all things English (but mostly memes).
I am an old-school guy with no video editing skills :p

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